Date: 8 months ago   Category: Society

The American has died from the amoeba devouring a brain

The resident of the USA has died after visit of the wave pool. There was it because of infection with a killing amoeba which has injured his brain. The surfer Fabrizio Stabile went to the wave pool in Texas then began to feel worse. At the 29-year-old man the most severe headaches have begun. To him it was so bad that he not could it is legible to speak. Doctors have made to the guy the wrong diagnosis therefore treatment hasn't helped. But after Fabrizio have made a number of analyses which have shown that in a brain of the man there is an amoeba which has partially damaged body. This incident has caused in the surfer such disease as an encephalomeningitis at which the probability to die equals 98%. Later couple of days of Stabile has died. After that the pool was closed, and water was sent for examination, reports. We will note, an amoebic encephalomeningitis – the most rare disease which appears from behind infection with amoebas of look Negleriya Foulera. Monocelled get into a human body in time bathing in dirty water and eat a brain. Photo: Google.Images to Share: amoeba park surfer death of the USA