Date: 8 months ago   Category: Society

The American media were explained why Russia can't be conquered

Also among the impregnable states according to representatives American the We are the Mighty portal, there were such countries as China, Afghanistan and India. So, first of all, one of the reasons is the huge territory of the country, difficult climatic conditions and also features of mentality: – Russians will destroy the country rather, than will leave it to any aggressor, – authors of article say, having reminded of how Hitler's invasion in 1941 has ended. Also they have warned that enemies of Russia should battle against "each Russian" in eleven time zones. Besides, it is noted, in case of attack on Russia, her party will accept the loyal republics of the former USSR, for example, Kazakhstan. Besides Russia authors have noted that it is impossible to win also against the USA which bargaining chip are a strong army, the big territory and high population. At the same time, at Americans it is authorized to citizens of the country to have an individual weapon. In China aggressors will face the population, the big area, developed economy and also diseases which are widespread because of overpopulation. Afghanistan and India will be saved by climatic and geographical features and also the multinational population. Photo: Google.Images to Share: military power of the reason rating Russia of the USA