Date: 6 months ago   Category: Science

The American scientists found new application for statues on Easter Island

Scientists of the Bingemtonsky university located in the USA found out that inhabitants of Easter Island not only worshipped stone idols, but also used them in the practical purposes. According to experts, sculptures were created as indexes of sources of fresh water. The PLOS magazine writes that scientists checked an island hydrology, as allowed to say that all statues are located in places where on a surface springs with clear water make the way. Let's note, earlier it was considered to be that on the island there are no sources of fresh water because of what in everyone an expedition people independently stocked up with liquid. In the nearest future scientists intend to lift data of researches of five-year prescription within which on the island stone fragments, similar to indexes, were found. Anthropologists are sure that they could be used as beacons in those places where people caught fish and hunted. Photo: to Share: water stone statues Easter Island worship of the USA scientific