Date: 4 weeks ago   Category: Incidents

The asked glass of water at the pensioner kuzbassovets will appear before the court

In Kuzbass the man asked a glass of water for the elderly woman. Unexpectedly innocent request turned back cruel robbery. As reports to the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Kemerovo region, on March 8 this year the 32-year-old resident of the settlement of Krasnobrodsky arrived to the village of Artyshta. There he appealed to the 79-year-old pensioner to give him a glass of water. When the woman went to the house to take out waters, the man proceeded behind her and closed an entrance door from within on the lock. He satisfied thirst, but instead of gratitude seized the hostess by a neck and demanded valuable things. The woman tried to escape, but the robber pushed her to the floor and struck in a face. After that he took off gold earrings, a silver ring from the victim and visors from a purse of 800 rubles Also the robber took away the mobile phone of the pensioner and disappeared. The woman found forces to rise and call the police. Found for the robber and detained. It became clear that earlier the resident of Kuzbass was already repeatedly judged. Now investigation materials together with the indictment are sent to court. For the made robbery threatens the recidivist up to 12 years of imprisonment. Photo: to Share: Artyshta water Robbery the house Kuzbass the pensioner robbery the recidivist sat down a glass