Date: 9 months ago   Category: Society

The Australian has decided to earn from embraces with strangers

Australian Jessica О' Neil has decided to replace a profession. She has made an unusual choice of specialty. The girl became "a professional obnimatel". The woman has started the career of "obnimatel" half a year ago. Since then she earns about 75 thousand rubles a week. Before the girl worked as the massage therapist and the psychologist in own studio. Jessica has told that such therapy helps the lonely and suffering from a depression people to feel favourite and necessary. The girl is also ready to hold a psychotherapeutic session with embraces for 5,5 thousand rubles and "a friendly meeting" with coffee and embraces for 7,5 thousand rubles. ― I always loved people and adored embracing. It is a part of my nature and my mission. My mother was same, and her embraces always did the world better around, – I have explained О' Neil. The woman has noted that the idea to construct new business has come to her when she embraced the clients before a psychotherapeutic session. According to her, it helped them to reveal and overcome uneasiness, reports. Photo: Google.Images to Share: embrace work