Date: 9 months ago   Category: Science

The Austrian physicists have created a unique drop of water in a vacuum

The Austrian scientists have grown up microscopic icicles in a full vacuum that water didn't contact to air at all. Even the cleanest samples of air, water and other liquids contain huge number of impurity, microbes and viruses, and their presence can influence the course of chemical reactions. The Austrian physicists have thought up an original technique of production of superclear water in a full vacuum. The experiment describes the Science magazine. For receiving unprecedentedly pure scientists have created the small tight camera to which ceiling the thick metal needle has been attached. Having cooled her up to the ultralow temperatures, physics has let in water vapors a vessel that has led to formation of an icicle on a needle tip. Having removed the gas remains, scientists have lifted temperature in the camera therefore the icicle has turned into a water drop. She has fallen to the plate polished and cleaned at the atomic level from dioxide of the titan which physics has placed under a needle. Photo: TU Wien to Share: Austria vacuum water air liquid drop of impurity of physics experiment