Date: 9 months ago   Category: Society

The authorities have denied information on mockeries in the Kuzbass colony of IK-37

The head of department on interaction with penal correction system of region administration Nikolay Pushenko and the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Kemerovo region Nikolay Volkov have come out to the location of IK-37. Information on violation of the rights of prisoners in Kuzbass wasn't confirmed. According to the press service of regional administration to check information which has appeared in Network about allegedly illegal actions of employees concerning convicts of colony social activists have gone to find out. As it has appeared, convicts whose names appeared in media, isn't present in this colony any more. Besides, in 2017 concerning two of them criminal cases under the article "Giving Obviously False Testimonies" have been brought.

Has been carried out a round of colony which has begun with the room of long appointments in which there were four convicts with families. Nikolay Volkov and Nikolay Pushenko have communicated also relatives, have looked at conditions of accommodation of convicts. Also ombudsmen have visited quarantine office, have come into the dining room, have got acquainted with the menu, have got acquainted with working conditions of convicts on production sites, having visited the sewing shop, auto repair shop, the shop of souvenir products and also agricultural site IK-37. Thus, any fact specified wasn't confirmed by publications of media. We will remind, also not so long ago in the Kuzbass colony of IK-40 prisoners have organized a protest action. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: IK-37 colony denial