Date: 6 months ago   Category: Society

The authorities of the Crimea have refused to pay to the victim in Kerch the promised compensation

The Crimean officials have refused to family of the 16-year-old girl which has suffered during the Kerch slaughter, compensation payment, ForPost writes. The father of the student has said that the administration didn't begin to pay the promised 500 thousand rubles as has counted family unsuccessful. Officials have allegedly complied with a request of the most injured which asked not to give to the father money. The man has assured that after explosion the girl physically couldn't talk as she was in intensive care. Kerchanin has told that after a slaughter doctors have amputated a part of a leg of the daughter. The family needs money to get an artificial limb, to pay rehabilitation and residence of the father in Moscow near hospital where the student lies. The man has rejected statements for not well-being of his family. He has noted that he has no addictions and one brings up the child. We will remind that the authorities of the Crimea have promised to revoke the credits of families of the dead in the Kerch college and to pay compensation one million rubles. Victims had to receive 500 thousand rubles. Photo: Google Images Share: Kerch hospital college compensation Crimea victims