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The average offered and expected salaries in Kuzbass are called

Experts analysed labor market in the Kemerovo region and found out how many employers on average promise to pay and how many applicants hope to receive. The most frequent causes of failures and scales of discrimination on age are also defined. The portal on job search and personnel of HeadHunter conducted a research in Kuzbass and found out that the amount of the average salary offered by employers is 35,600 rubles that corresponds to the level of average expectations of applicants – 35,800 rubles. However in concrete categories the difference is considerable. So, in the sphere "Public service, non-profit organizations" the average offer makes 27,700 rubles, and here expectation of applicants – 39,300 rubles. At the same time in the sphere "Consultation" the average offered salary is 41,900 rubles, and applicants apply for 30,700 rubles. Most often refuse to applicants employment because of discrepancy of the offered and expected salary. The dispersion of numbers allows to speak about the competition in labor market: if the salary offered by employers is higher than expectations of applicants, then the companies lack experts and vice versa. Also the research of the portal allowed to learn that discrimination on age in Kuzbass exists, despite its ban under the law. So, applicants at the age of 18-24 years are invited to an interview three times more often than persons are more senior than 45 years. The share of refusals about employment increases in proportion to age of the applicant. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: HeadHunter salary Kemerovo region work