Date: 2 months ago   Category: Economy

The average salary in Kuzbass was compared to expected

Experts studied dynamics in labor market in the first quarter of the current year and revealed a number of trends. One of them – small increase in the offered salaries. The portal on job search and personnel of headhunter made top-5 changes in labor market for the period January-March of the current year. So, the average salary offered by the companies was 32,500 rubles, gain was 2-3%. At the same time the expected salary at kuzbassovets was 30,700 rubles. The quantity of vacancies since the beginning of year increased by 45%, the number of the summary grew by 13% in relation to the same period of last year. The competition increased: if in January four candidates were the share of one vacancy, then in March the ratio made one to five. Most of all the beginning experts (11 into place), top managers (eight into place) and accountants compete (seven into place). As for demand, the companies most often placed vacancies in spheres of "Sale" (29%), "Production" (13%), "Working personnel" (13%), "Medicine, pharmaceutics" (10%) and "Transport, logistics" (8%). Most of all spheres "Safety" (104%), "Transport, logistics" (100%) and "Extraction of raw materials" (89%) grew. Most actively applicants behaved in spheres "House personnel" (82%) and "Science, education" (44%). Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: Loudspeaker HeadHunter salary Kemerovo region work statistics