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The average salary of psychologists in Kemerovo is called

Job search experts of the portal have analysed a situation in labor market in various cities of Russia and have provided data on a concrete profession – the psychologist. Service for job search of Superjob has analysed the salaries of psychologists in 70 largest cities of Russia, including in Kemerovo and other Siberian capitals. So, the psychologist in the regional center on average can apply for
of 23 000 rubles while his Moscow colleague on average receives 44 000 rubles a month. I have also ceded Kemerovo in the matter to neighbors: in Tomsk psychologists can count on 24 000 rubles, and in Novosibirsk – for 26 000 rubles a month. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: superjob salary of Kemerovo Moscow Novosibirsk psychologist psychology work rating statistics Tomsk