Date: 8 months ago   Category: Society

The badger has got the living space in Kuzbass

Experts of the reserve "Kuznetsk Alatau" left a wounded badger and have built to him the new house. Residents of Mezhdurechensk have found an animal near one of the enterprises. He was surrounded by sentry dogs. People have saved a wounded badger and have transferred him to the reserve "Kuznetsk Alatau". – The animal was brought to the ecological center of the reserve. On a body lacerations have been found, besides, the animal has been frightened. The animal was placed in a quarantine lodge where he was fattened and treated, – the press service of the reserve reports. Later experts of an ecocenter have made the decision on construction of the open-air cage for a badger. The new house differs in a separate entrance through a roof that imitates a hole. Photo: Kuznetsk Alatau to Share: badger animal Kuzbass Kuznetsk Alatau rescue of a photo