Date: 7 months ago   Category: Incidents

The bear walked down the street the city situated near Moscow

Moscow region Korolev's inhabitant has met in the afternoon of the bear walking on the street. Inhabitants of the private sector of Moscow region Korolev yesterday, on September 25, have seen on Polevoy Street of freely walking about bear and have reported in the editorial office "Moscow Area Today". According to one of the eyewitness, she walked with a carriage on Polevoy Street and at 14:00 near houses No. 70 and 68 has seen a bear. He has climbed over a fence on a roof of the parked "Gazelle" and has gone for a walk down the street. One more citizen seeing a bear has assumed that the animal lives at someone in the house, but has through an oversight run away on walk. According to eyewitnesses, a bear of the average sizes. Also that on streets of Moscow area the bear walks, law enforcement agencies are notified. Photo: Google.Images to Share: bear eyewitness Moscow area walk street