Date: 9 months ago   Category: Incidents

The Belgian homeless has rebelled because of a sharing of migrants

The people without a certain residence living in the Bruxelles center for reception of the homeless became instigators of disorders. As the reason the sharing of migrants to them from Africa and the Middle East has served. As has reported RTL TV channel, disorders passed in the capital of Belgium two days – on Sunday and Monday. – Troublemakers were detained several times, but every time was released in a type of insignificance of the offenses committed by them. And though we regret that they commit acts of violence, we have to remember that the aspiration to receive a bed for a lodging for the night remains motive for them, – RIA Novosti cites words of the activist supporting migrants to Majdi Kass. According to journalists, the authorities of the country intend to begin the solution of current situation in the nearest future. It is supposed to expand quantity of berths for all persons in need. Photo: google.images to Share: homeless Belgium disorders bum revolt migrants