Date: 7 months ago   Category: Society

The boy in Kemerovo poured out on the heads of passersby of a bucket of yellow liquid

Residents of Kemerovo are revolted with actions of the child who from a balcony of the apartment pours out down on passersby of a bucket with dirty water and throws "kapitoshka". The inhabitant of the regional center has emotionally told about the child who scoffs at passersby: the little boy regularly comes to a balcony and throws packages of water down and also pours out liquid of yellow color of a bucket. – Mummy and daddy of this mentally retarded being, explain to the offspring that to throw bags with water on the heads the passerby and to pour over them from a bucket is a behavior of the moral freak. There are no more adequate words unfortunately. The address Tomsk 5a, – is distressed the user of social networks Oleg (style, the spelling and a punctuation of the author are kept – an editor's note). Commentators have agreed that the child needs to be taken in hand and punished. On a serious conversation have wanted to call also parents. Photo: 6 handshakes of Kemerovo to Share: mockery of Kemerovo boy child of a photo