Date: 9 months ago   Category: Culture

The British actress became the most hated girl of the country

The British media and ordinary citizens were up in arms against the 35-year-old actress Roxanna Pallett after she has reported beating from the colleague on a TV show of Celebrity Big Brother Ryan Thomas. I have said a pallet that Thomas actually has beaten her during a comic makhaniye by fists. The barrage of criticism as on shots of a show it is clearly visible that the man hardly concerns "victim" has at once fallen upon the girl, Daily Mail reports. After the sensation which has risen in media the Pallet has been forced to recognize the wrongfulness and to apologize for the words. On the release of an evening show which has aired on September 3 the girl has said that she became "the most hated girl of Britain". I have also noted a pallet that her life has been almost completely destroyed because of groundless charges. Video: Daily Mail to Share: actress Britain video Roxanna Pallett