Date: 8 months ago   Category: Society

The British man was saved from 40-year slavery

The police has found the 58-year-old man in the British county of Cumbria. He was kept by about 40 years in slavery. As writes Daily Mail, the man was found accidentally during police raid near the city of Carlisle. The prisoner has told that he was in an imprisonment from 18 years. It has become clear that the man was supported in inhuman conditions. He lived in the half-ruined shed and has been provided only with a mattress which lay on a cold floor, the heater, a chair and the TV. Arrested the owner of the shed, the 79-year-old local who is suspected of slaveholding. Injured British is examined by physicians. Also with him experts who study his mental state carry out work. Photo: Google.Images to Share: Great Britain slavery of a photo