Date: 2 months ago   Category: Incidents

The British pilots were dismissed for racism and a porn in private messages

Five pilots of the British airline discharged of work for the racist attitude towards the colleague and a video of pornographic contents. As reports Daily Mail, charges to pilots were given by their former colleague who left the company last year. According to him, repeatedly addressed it, using "a word on letter H". Besides, pilots sent it videos from old movies in which white actors represented black by means of "blekfeys" – a dense black make-up. During internal investigation the charges stated by the former pilot were confirmed. In correspondence of colleagues messages with the invitation to a Christmas dinner like "What food were found you will be, the nigger?" and also "You now in Skype, the nigger?" and "Why you sell a wheelbarrow, the nigger?". In addition it became clear that colleagues sent to the black companion videos of pornographic character. In one of them sex of the adult man with chicken was represented. Representatives of airline called similar behavior unseemly and not reflecting the value of the company. Five responsible for scandal was dismissed. Photo: Pixabay to Share: Britain pilots pilots a pornography racism dismissed