Date: 8 months ago   Category: Society

The British teenager has on a bet killed the girl for a breakfast

Joshua Davies has argued with friends that will be able to kill the girl Rebecca Aylvord. In case of a prize friends had to buy it a big breakfast in favourite cafe of the young man. During the investigation it became known that some days before murder, lovers have quarreled. The young man has invited the girl to an appointment then he has written to the friend the message: "Tell nothing, but be going to pay my breakfast". In day of a meeting the guy has brought Rebecca to the forest area where I have beaten to death a big cobble-stone. Next day the girl was found dead in six miles from her house. It has turned out that after crime the young man has gone home and has told friends of a detail of an incident. When Joshua was arrested, he has begun to deny the fault and also has tried to accuse of the incident of the acquaintance. Despite it, the court has sentenced Davies to 14 years of imprisonment, LIFE reports. Photo: Google.Images to Share: breakfast teenagers dispute убийтсво photo