Date: 9 months ago   Category: Society

The Buryat veteran raped five years the mentally retarded girl

The aged veteran of work from Buryatia forced five years a mentally retarded small odnoselchanka. The fact of violence over the 11-year-old female resident of Bauntovsky district was discovered on September 7 during survey at the gynecologist, Daily reports "Baikal". The doctor has found damages of a virgin pleva and has reported information of police. Law enforcement authorities have found the child suspected of rape. The 76-year-old pensioner, the veteran of work and the honored worker of agriculture was him. According to the investigators, the elderly man has for the first time outraged upon the girl when she was six years old. After that he regularly enticed her to himself home candies and money. When the schoolgirl has grown up, the pensioner has begun to rape her. Investigators have found a pornography, sex toys and contraceptives in the house of the old man. The man is placed under arrest. Investigation of criminal case continues. Photo: Google.Images to Share: bauntovsky area Buryatia girl rape pensioner