Date: 9 months ago   Category: Society

The Canadian bride has collected from guests thousands of dollars on a wedding and has cancelled it

The bride from Canada has decided to hold a smart wedding. To fulfill the dream, it has forced guests to chip in together on 1,5 thousand dollars. When the most part of the sum has been collected, the girl has cancelled a celebration. Syuzen planned several years a wedding at which Kardashyan at least could "be alone put". For the sake of execution of treasured desire she and her groom long saved money. They managed to collect 15 thousand dollars that it seemed to the girl insufficient. According to plans Syuzen, the action had to cost 60 thousand dollars. Therefore she has asked all guests to present her 1,5 thousand to pay back a ceremony. Most of guests haven't wanted to carry out her whim because of what the girl has cancelled a ceremony in four days prior to a wedding. At the same time she has reported that she has left the beloved because he called her plans mad and suggested to hold a modest ceremony. notes that to return money to those guests who nevertheless have agreed to support the idea about expensive wedding the girl has refused. She has justified it with the fact that these means will serve as compensation for her sufferings. The next several months Syuzen plans to travel around South Africa. She has written that she wants "to study the soul and to get rid of toxic energy of friends and family to which as I thought, I can trust". Later the girl has left from social networks not to communicate with "traitors". Photo: Google.Images to Share: stay Canada the bride a wedding