Date: 2 months ago   Category: Incidents

The captain of "North" told about circumstances of return to Russia

The captain of the Russian vessel "North" Vladimir Gorbenko detained by the Ukrainian security officers told how at it it turned out to reach the Crimea. The seaman shared with correspondents RC Crimea that actually in its wonderful return home there was nothing supernatural. – I had no restrictions for return home. Crossed border lawfully by the Russian Federation citizen passport. Arrived to Kerch in the evening. Just all were at home, and I pleased them. Just walked upstairs and called a door, – he told. Let's remind that Gorbenko spent nearly a year out of will. In March, 2018 its vessel was detained by the Ukrainian law enforcement authorities. Later to the captain of "North" brought charge of "violation of an order of entrance on temporarily occupied territory for the purpose of infliction of harm to the interests of the state". At the end of January it became known that the seaman was missing. Upon its complete disappearance in Ukraine brought criminal case. The day before it became clear that Gorbenko returned on the territory of Russia. Photo: The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine to Share: Gorbenko returned the captain the Crimea a north Ukraine is detained