Date: 9 months ago   Category: Society

The Chelyabinsk couple has cruelly beaten the boy's son who has offended them

The resident of Chelyabinsk and his spouse have publicly beaten the fifth-grader who has offended their son second-grader. An incident has occurred on September 20 in the territory of the Chelyabinsk school, transfers URA.RU. The pupil of the second class has approached the fifth-grader together with the father on change and he has told "Here!". The man has attacked the boy, has grabbed by a neck and has begun to kick the child in a stomach. He accompanied blows with strong language. The school student could escape and run out to the school yard where he was seized by the second-grader's mother. They have begun to beat together with the husband the fifth-grader. Teachers have stopped furious parents. The boy was hospitalized. His mother has filed the application to the police. Law enforcement authorities and the children's ombudsman have begun check upon an incident. Photo: VSE42.RU to Share: children beating parents Chelyabinsk school