Date: 6 months ago   Category: Culture

The Chelyabinsk prisoners have created musical pop group

Serving sentence in maximum security penal colony in Chelyabinsk have decided to be engaged in creativity therefore have created the group which does covers on songs by popular Russian performers. The collective was called "Group of persons". It consists of four prisoners who serve sentence for illegal acquisition of narcotic substances. Actors rehash Sergey Lazarev and "Hands up". Also in their repertoire a set of songs of other performers. As reports to REGNUM news Agency, the management of colony has positively accepted the idea serving sentence. It is noted that similar activity is welcomed in prison if she doesn't contradict public installations. In addition at actors there take place small tour tours. They go on the next prisons where give concerts. Photo: Google.Images to Share: group prisoners Lazarev of the Hand up Chelyabinsk