Date: 9 months ago   Category: Society

The Chinese woman has accidentally married the stranger

The female resident of Hong Kong deception have forced to marry the stranger from the People's Republic of China. Swindlers have got married during the examination on courses in the organization of weddings. The young girl has noticed the announcement in which it was told about the makeup artist's vacancy. At the same time quite good salary was offered, and experience wasn't required. The Chinese woman has contacted the specified address. There her have persuaded to sign up for free courses of organizers of weddings. During the final examination the woman have asked to play a role of the bride. At the same time she needed to undersign with the stranger who played a role of the groom. The woman was assured that later marriage is cancelled, but it hasn't occurred. Lawyers assume that the newly made wife has fallen a victim of swindlers. According to experts, deceivers could are interested in permissions to residence in Hong Kong which are given to citizens of the People's Republic of China if their spouse or the spouse lives in this city, reports. Photo: Google.Images to Share: Hong Kong China of the People's Republic of China swindlers wedding