Date: 8 months ago   Category: Society

The Chinese woman has created a wedding dress from bags for cement

The inhabitant of one of villages of the Province of Gansu of Tan Lily has decided to use unnecessary empty bags from cement and has sewed from them a wedding dress. In total she needed on it several hours and 40 packings. Pictures became quickly popular in Network. Users have at once christened the Chinese woman "the cement queen", Izvestia reports. Later 28-year-old Lily has told that such large number of bags at her remained after repairs which she had completed recently. The girl has also noted that it is not her first experience of creation of clothes from unusual materials. Earlier she already tried to do things of newspapers, a grass, flowers and many other therefore she has spent for a wedding dress only three hours. Watch: Woman showing off a wedding dress cement bag #BREKING112 #USA #US #NY — Breaking112 (@BREAKING112) on September 26, 2018. Photo: Google.Images to Share: China dress photo wedding cement