Date: 10 months ago   Category: Society

The city Charter of Berdsk was recognized not as corresponding to the law

The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation recognized some provisions of the Charter of the city of Berdsk contradicting the current legislation. As reports the edition, consideration of constitutionality of the Charter of the city has begun at the beginning of 2018. In January the regional prosecutor's office has appealed to Regional Novosibirsk court with the claim for recognition inappropriate to the current legislation of separate provisions of the charter. – Standards of the Charter of the city of Berdsk in violation of the law to powers of Council of deputies of the city have referred coordination of actions of city administration for management and the order by property of municipal unit. Considering the volume of the powers allocated for Council of deputies in this sphere owing to fixing in the charter of Berdsk of the procedure of coordination administration of municipal unit as it is executive – the administrative organ of local government was actually lost by independence in the specified question, – have explained to journalists in supervisory authority. The regional court of Novosibirsk has dismissed to the prosecutor the claim. In this regard the application has been directed to the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation which "has cut off" powers of local deputies. So, for example, from now on they won't be able to dispose of municipal property. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: Berdsk Novosibirsk region prosecutor's office court