Date: 8 months ago   Category: Economy

The cohabitant of the ex-owner of Kuzbass "Water area" is wanted to be made bankrupt for a debt in 1 million pounds sterling

The common-law wife of the famous Kuzbass businessman can become after him a bankrupt if the court meets the requirement of the financial managing director. The civil spouse of the ex-owner of "Water area" Konstantin-Yakovlev – Natalya Kazayeva-Yakovleva – can be declared bankrupt if the court meets the requirement of the financial managing director of the enterprise Igor Lyamkin. According to information "Avant-Partnera",-Yakovlev in June-August, 2014, being in Great Britain, transferred to the woman 1,031 million pounds sterling (113,755 million rubles). Igor Lyamkin specified that the businessman had to it no right as already at that time there were signs of its financial insolvency, and it was necessary to leave money to creditors. In July, 2018 the Seventh arbitration Court of Appeal rejected arguments of Natalya Kazayeva-Yakovleva who claimed that money returned to her according to the loan agreement as it did not show the receipt and could not convince judges that lent so large sum. Now the requirement about recognition by the bankrupt is returned to Lyamkin as Kazayeva-Yakovlev replaced a place of registration with Altai Krai. Let's remind, Konstantin-Yakovlev was declared bankrupt in January, 2016 for a debt in 450 million rubles. Sale of its property continues to this day. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: Water area bankrupt Igor Lyamkin of Kemerovo Konstantin-Yakovlev Natalya Kazeeva-yakovleva court