Date: 8 months ago   Category: Culture

The comic book according to the novel by Pelevin of "OMON of Ra" will be published in Russia

Shortly in Russia ComicCon starts. On a meeting will present to guests the comic book – adaptation of the first novel of Victor Pelevin of "OMON of Ra". As the artist in this work Askold Akishin who was an illustrator of books of Bulgakov, Lovecraft, Conan of Doyle, Bradbury has acted, Rossiyskaya Gazeta reports. Especially for a festival have created the limited circulation of the comic book OMON of Ra with a white cover on which on ComicCon it will be possible to receive the sketch from Askold. In shops it will be available in black color. We will remind, "OMON of Ra" – the parody to educational, dukhopodjemny novels of an era of the USSR and the corresponding movies finished to the point of absurdity. The book has been awarded by Interpresskon and "A bronze snail". Photo: Google.Images to Share: comedian game comic book of OMON ра Pelevin of a photo