Date: 10 months ago   Category: Culture

The court has cancelled the decision on recognition of the extremist picture "Great Beautiful Russia"

The Novosibirsk regional court has cancelled the decision on recognition of an extremist picture of the artist Vasily Lozhkin "Great beautiful Russia". – He has cancelled, but it will be reconsidered still. That is not everything is finished still. That is have cancelled that decision, have returned to the first instance. Here now the lawyer called me, – the REN-TV TV channel cites the artist's words. We will remind, the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation has entered a picture in the federal list of extremist materials in 2016 on the basis of the decision of October district court of Novosibirsk. At the same time the artist has noted that he has presented a scandalous picture long ago to "some strongly drinking person who sits with her there". The HRC has helped the artist Vasya Lozhkin to cancel with the Novosibirsk regional court the decision of district court on recognition of his picture "Great Beautiful Russia" extremist material. The member of HRC Irina Kirkora participates in process. Business is returned in court of the first instance. — Mikhail Fedotov (@MikhailFedotov) on August 14, 2018. Photo: Google.Images to Share: Vasya Lozhkin great beautiful Russia picture Novosibirsk Russia court extremism