Date: 9 months ago   Category: Society

The court has obliged the prisoner to pay expenses on his keeping in colony in Kursk region

The factory district court of the city of Oryol has decided to collect from the prisoner of corrective labor colony No. 3 (IK-3) in Kursk region expenses on his maintenance. Has reported about it FANNS. A claim with the relevant requirement was submitted by the management of colony. The refusal of the convict of performance of work became an occasion for this purpose. – The fact of evasion in itself from work attracts assignment on the convict of an obligation for reimbursement for keeping in correctional facility, – have explained in court. It is noted that it is possible to refuse works in correctional facility only in some cases, for example, in the presence at the prisoner of disability of the first and second group, or due to illness. The defendant had no such branches. Meanwhile, all the time of finding of the man in colony the administration provided him with food, means of hygiene and clothes. In total 119478 rubles 24 kopeks have been spent for the prisoner. As of September 23, 2018 the judgment hasn't taken legal effect and can be appealed in an appeal order. Photo: VSE42.RU to Share: money prisoner colony contents court