Date: 9 months ago   Category: Society

The criminal Kuzbass group will be condemned for multiple thefts

Four residents of the Kemerovo region will appear before the court on a charge of 14 episodes of the thefts committed by previous concert and also illegal taking by the car and illegal penetration into the dwelling. Criminal group which part were previously convicted 21-year kuzbassovets and also malefactors of 16, 17 and 23 years within last year committed thefts of various garden stock and electric tools from territories of personal plots, and later handed over property in commission shops. Have caught criminals red-handed during the next theft. Malefactors have taken out the laptop and the other equipment from others apartment and have incurred it in a pawnshop. One of law enforcement authorities has seen group of young people. As earlier they already came into the view of police, he has decided to specify who possesses the equipment. It has become clear that its owners have already filed in a control room a petition for theft at this time. Also other crimes have been during the investigation established. Now criminal case is directed to court for consideration on the merits, the press service of the Investigation Department of the Russian Investigative Committee in the Kemerovo region reports. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: Kemerovo region thefts teenagers court criminal case