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The Dane has saddled in Australia a five-meter crocodile for the sake of a post in Instagram

The biologist from Denmark Nils Jensen and his companions have visited the Australian park of the wild nature where they have shot a video on which it is visible how the guy feeds a five-meter grebnisty crocodile, and then sits down on him. As writes The Sun, the 22-year-old Dane has told that this act was fascinating, but very dangerous. He has also shared that he up to this point never saw crocodiles. – I like to get acquainted with types, new to me. When I had had an opportunity to approach a crocodile, I had to make it, – the young man has told. The edition notes that the guy regularly publishes a photo and video of the meetings with wild animals. For it users of Network have nicknamed him "the Danish Crocodile of Dundee". – I don't consider myself such, but my many friends think quite so. And I just do what is pleasant to me. But not many understand why I do it. The majority call me a little mad, – Nils has commented. In turn the authorities of Australia have condemned the young man. They called his behavior reckless and also have emphasized that they don't support similar communication with crocodiles. To look at this publication in Instagram See the moment a man dubbed & #39; Danish Crocodile Dundee' jumps on a 102 stone saltwater croc in Australia???????????? - - - - - - - - - - #crocodile #crocodiles #crocodile???? #crocodilehunter #crocodiledundee #reptile #reptilelove #reptilelover #reptiles #animals #animals_captures #animalsco #animalencounter #wildlife #wildlife_shots #wildlife_inspired #wildanimals #wildanimalsonline #dangerous #scary #brave #crocodiledundee2 #australia #australian #australia_shotz #australia_oz #australians #animals_captures #animals_in_world the Publication from Caters News Agency (@caters_news) 24 Sep, 2018 at 3:57 PDT of the Photo: Google.Images to Share: Australia video Dane crocodile tourist