Date: 8 months ago   Category: Society

The dangerous vegetable storehouse threatens life of residents of Kemerovo

In Kemerovo to the address Michurin Lane, 5 is located an old vegetable storehouse. Local residents are afraid to go by a structure because of its critical condition. The laying of the building is executed still in the eighties the last century. At this vegetable storehouse don't repair, tells AVOKA.DO. – The wall collapses from time, besides behind it vegetable storehouse cells where rain and thawed snow collects settle down. In the winter water freezes, the laying is loosened even stronger. All this together has also carried out to a deplorable condition of a wall. And we should put along her cars, our children walk here, and ourselves go, – locals worry. Citizens have reported about the dangerous structure to local authorities in 2013, however repair or dismantling it is still not made. The reason for that – cells of storage which owners to find it is very problematic. Photo: to Share: building of Kemerovo vegetable storehouse danger repair of a photo