Date: 7 months ago   Category: Politics

The deputy of the State Duma Poklonskaya commented on suspicions of treason

The deputy of the State Duma Natalya Poklonskaya in response to the statement for intention to accuse her of treason and violation of laws of warfare of the Ukrainian Prosecutor General advised Lutsenko to re-read the criminal code. To Ukraine the former prosecutor of the Crimea commented on suspicions of high treason to journalists of the FANNS. Poklonskaya told that she doubts about competence of Yury Lutsenko who accused her of war crimes. According to her, the Prosecutor General, being "in places of confinement", not up to the end mastered appropriate section. – Let the competent staff of GPU will teach the Attorney-General of Ukraine Lutsenko to criminal law. And such silly statement and the next illegal charge in my address is a banal attempt to intimidate, – the agency quotes Poklonskaya. Photo: google.images to Share: Lutsenko's treason poklonsky prosecutor Russia Ukraine