Date: 9 months ago   Category: Society

The director of the Tagil school recommended to pupils to watch news only on TV

The principal No. 32 in Nizhny Tagil Galina Maslikova has been elected in City Council from United Russia. After that the woman began to advise pupils to look for news on the federal channels, but not to read them on the Internet. The deputy has explained that because of the Internet children obtain the distorted information. She has emphasized that at school there are pupils, "who don't go to meetings", but read in social networks "not always reliable" information. Therefore she considers what with such school students is required to be "discussed". – I personally communicate with these children, I advise to look or read different sources – Channel One, RTR, Russia-24, not only social networks. Children perceive everything differently, they can't critically comprehend information still, – the principal has commented. As notes Amitel, according to Maslikova, the feeling of resistance therefore they think is inherent in teenagers, "that it abruptly – to rise against system". The principal has said that "it is important to protect pupils from appeals, especially to come to meetings". Photo: to Share: deputy Internet of News of a social network television of a photo school