Date: 8 months ago   Category: Society

The distributor of "Hawthorn" was brought to justice in Irkutsk

Criminal case of one of distributors of fatally poisonous Hawthorn tincture is brought to trial. Investigation of mass poisoning in 2016 of residents of Irkutsk is completed by Hawthorn tincture. Criminal case is brought to trial. According to the investigators, from November to December, 2016 defendants Ruslan Yusibov and Afig Abbasov illegally sold in Irkutsk under the guise of cosmetic production a concentrate for acceptance of bathtubs "Hawthorn", one of components of which was a methyl alcohol. "As a result of timely suppression of this criminal activity and withdrawal of the alcohol-containing liquid realized by them from a consequence turn in the form of the death of consumers and causing harm by him to health haven't come", – the comment of Investigative Committee publishes TASS. Abbasov is wanted now, criminal case concerning him is allocated in separate production. We will remind, the use of a concentrate in December, 2017 has led to the death of 62 people, to 15 more residents of Irkutsk harm is done to health. In February of this year the owner of the pavilion Elena Bakotina and the seller Olesya of Weger, trading in poisonous "Hawthorn" have sentenced to four and three years of standard regime penal colony respectively. Concerning 10 more defendants whose actions for sale of "Hawthorn" haven't entailed the human victims, investigation continues. Photo: Google.Images to Share: hawthorn harm to health Irkutsk tincture poisoning distributor court poison