Date: 10 months ago   Category: Society

The diver from Florida has hypnotized a tiger shark

The scuba diver Amanda Li Kobb on the camera I have entered a tiger shark into a condition of a trance. On a video which Amanda has published on the page in a social network the diver touches a muzzle of a dangerous predator then without any problems she overturns an animal a belly up. Several seconds later the shark has recovered, has turned over and has departured. It is remarkable that during all "a hypnosis session" any relative of a predator hasn't tried to prevent Amanda. We will note that the The Shark Trusty portal calls a state in which the girl has shipped a shark, tanatozy (imaginary death). It is the protective mechanism inherent in many animal species. Video: Facebook to Share: scuba diver shark Amanda Li Kobb of video hypnosis diver trance