Date: 6 months ago   Category: Society

The dog in the USA pretended to be homeless for the sake of free burgers

In Oklahoma the owner of a dog by nickname the Princess has told a story about how her favourite ran away from the house that, having pretended to be homeless to receive burgers from passersby. Betsey Reys has noted that her Princess has begun to gain weight very strongly. At the same time the mistress of a dog has been sure that the animal diet didn't change in any way. Later she began to notice that the dog runs away somewhere at night, and comes back home later. Time reports that the woman has decided to track the pet. She has found out that the Princess runs to local Makdrayva to have supper. The dog pretends to be homeless and elicits food at visitors. To teach a good lesson an intolerable animal, Betsey herself has driven by the car to cafe of fast food. Having noticed the hostess, the dog has put the tail between the legs and has gone home. Photo: to Share: video burgers dog of the USA of a photo