Date: 7 months ago   Category: Society

The drug trafficker from Kemerovo hid ecstasy and hashish in underwear

The spouses living in the regional center have appeared before the court on a charge of illegal sale of drugs. The woman realized the forbidden substances, hiding them in a bra. Police officers have caught suspects red-handed when those carried the next consignment of the forbidden substances on the city. The 24-year-old resident of Kemerovo and his 20-year-old cohabitant were them. Law enforcement authorities have withdrawn from citizens of convolution with ecstasy, hashish and amphetamine. Besides, in the apartment police officers have found hiding places with bulk drugs in residents of Kemerovo. Concerning detainees criminal case has been brought, the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Kemerovo region reports. The court has sentenced the distributor of drugs to 5 years 6 months of imprisonment with serving sentence in standard regime penal colony, and her accomplice – by 6 years of imprisonment with serving sentence in maximum security penal colony. Photo: Google.Images to Share: Kemerovo bra colony of the spouse criminal case of ecstasy