Date: 6 months ago   Category: Incidents

The drunk loader accidentally flew to Chicago

The funny case has happened to the loader of airline from Kansas City. The man after the alcohol drunk at work has fallen asleep in a luggage compartment of the plane. He managed to leave already in other city. As reports NBC News, an incident has occurred last Wednesday, October 31. The drunk loader was found out in the warmed-up compartment Boeing 737 how the airliner has landed. He admitted to police officers that he "has for a while lain down" in the workplace and when has woken up, the plane was already airborne. It is noted that during the travel the loader hasn't suffered. Right after the incident he was sent back to Kansas City. The management of the company has decided not to bring any charges of the relation of the employee who has got into difficulties. However journalists didn't manage to specify whether the loader will be punished for the offense. Photo: google.images to Share: the loader Kansas the drunk plane of the USA has fallen asleep Chicago