Date: 10 months ago   Category: Incidents

The drunk resident of Novokuznetsk was detained on Belov's bus station

The female resident of Novokuznetsk after the alcoholic party with girlfriends in Belovo has tried to leave home, but instead has got to police. The day before in the afternoon to Rosgvardiya's employees the alarm signal has arrived. On arrival fighters have found the inadequate girl. As they were explained by the controller, the drunk 19-year-old passenger tried to get on the regular bus from Belovo to Novokuznetsk. However she behaved inadequately, shouted and hardly stood on the feet. In this regard the staff of bus station has suggested to return money for the ticket, but the girl has refused flatly and has continued an uproar. In response to it workers have called law enforcement officers. Later the girl has explained the behavior with what before a trip to Novokuznetsk of the girlfriend was arranged to her alcoholic "farewell". Deboshirka was transferred to police for further trials. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: bus Belovo alcohol межгород Novokuznetsk Rosgvardiya's flight