Date: 6 months ago   Category: Politics

The Ekaterinburg deputies doubled the salary of the mayor at his request

Deputies of the Ekaterinburg municipal duma supported the proposal of the mayor Alexander Vysokinsky to raise to it salary twice, URA.RU writes. Servants of the people organized an unplanned meeting on December 4. Salary increase of the mayor from 150 to 300 thousand rubles a month became a result of a meeting. Also increases in the income achieved the vice-mayor and several high-ranking officials. Vysokinsky explained increase in the salary to those that in the mayor's offices of Chelyabinsk and Tyumen receive more. He also complained of irregular working hours. It is noted that the initiative of the mayor was supported by most of deputies. Many officials were touched by Vysokinsky's decision to consult to them. Parliamentarians noted that earlier representatives of administration raised to themselves salaries. Also Vysokinsky told at a meeting about the project of a preferential mortgage for officials. Photo: Google Images Share: vysokinskiya municipal duma deputies Yekaterinburg Legislative Assembly salary meeting