Date: 10 months ago   Category: Economy

The ex-director of Novokuznetsk bank has spent more than 4 billion rubles

The former director of Novokuznetsk Municipal Bank was found guilty of abuse of authority and waste of the entrusted property in especially large size. From December, 2012 to December of the 2013th the convict for the benefit of the large construction organization which founder was his father has acted as the guarantor according to credit obligations of firm. The company has ceased to fulfill financial obligations, then creditors have begun to charge-off money of Novokuznetsk Municipal Bank, having written off in total more than 3 billion rubles therefore investors couldn't use the money. The convict in every possible way interfered with the investigation, referring to the state of health. Examination has decided that he can take part in investigative actions. Also it has become clear that the malefactor together with the head of department of service of VIP clients without the knowledge of investors transferred money to accounts of affiliated firms, having stolen more than 1 billion rubles from customer accounts. The court has imposed sentence in the form of nine years of imprisonment in standard regime penal colony, having also deprived of the malefactor of the right to be engaged in activities for management of the organizations for two years. Claims for compensation of material damage are selected in separate production and will be considered in a civil order, have reported in SU of SK across the Kemerovo region. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: bank money Kuzbass Novokuznetsk wastes court