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The expected and offered salary at sales managers in Kemerovo is called

Experts studied a situation in labor market in the Siberian regions and found out where in the SFD sales managers can earn most of all. The portal on job search and personnel of HeadHunter compared regions of Siberian Federal District on earnings level at sales managers. So, in the regional center the average offered salary to managers was 41,400 rubles since the beginning of the current year. Applicants expect at the same time the smaller sum – on average 35,700 rubles. The offer is in Novokuznetsk at the level of 42 thousand rubles, expectation – 36,400 rubles. Most of all money is offered sales managers in Irkutsk – 55 thousand rubles. The salary offer in Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk, 50 400 and 49 thousand rubles respectively is slightly lower. Least of all offer applicants in Omsk – 38 thousand rubles. If to consider salary expectations, then the highest salaries at candidates of Novosibirsk (43,100 rubles), and the most modest – in Barnaul (33,400 rubles). Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: HeadHunter salary sales manager work