Date: 10 months ago   Category: Incidents

The explosive device has detonated in shopping center of Poland

The explosive device has worked in shopping center in the Polish Bialystok, nobody has suffered, RIA Novosti with reference to RMF FM radio station reports.
In the Polish city of Bialystok in shopping center has worked the explosive device. "Everything has ended with loud cotton, but could lead to the tragedy. The explosive device which has detonated in one of premises of shopping center at the corner of streets Warsaw yesterday and Palace in Bialystok has probably not worked properly", – it is said in the statement of radio station. There are data that on the scene have found the remains of petards and wires, and have indoors found containers with flammable liquid. The police restores appearance of the device before explosion now and find out whether really as a result of a detonation indoors planned to start the fire. The administrator of trade gallery in whom there are several shops, claims that no threats arrived, and he doesn't know who stands behind incident. Photo: Google.Images to Share: explosive device gallery detonation shop fire Poland shopping center