Date: 8 months ago   Category: Society

The father bum and mother alcoholic "have hung up" the 15-year-old daughter on elderly disabled people in Kuzbass

The young inhabitant of Kuzbass long time didn't receive the help from parents what law enforcement officers knew of when the girl was 15 years old. The help of the state prosecutor was necessary for the girl born in 2002 who as it has appeared, lived without care of parents – with the grandmother and the grandfather. Public prosecutor's check in August of the current year has revealed that the teenager lives in family of elderly disabled people without the issued guardianship, at the same time her father – the bum who didn't pay four years alimony, and mother – the alcoholic deprived last year of the parental rights. – In this regard in August, 2018 the prosecutor of the area has brought to the head of department of formation of administration of the Krapivinsky municipal district representation. Following the results of his consideration two officials are brought to disciplinary responsibility, – have told in prosecutor's office. The prosecutor has sent the claim for deprivation of the parental rights of the father of the child to court. As a result the man daughters have forced to give a third of all the earnings. The grandmother and the grandfather at the moment make out guardianship over the granddaughter. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: girl Kemerovo region Krapivinsky district prosecutor