Date: 8 months ago   Category: Incidents

The father has forgotten to bring the daughter to kindergarten, and she has died in the car in Madrid

The one-year-old girl has died in the car because of the forgetful father. The AVS newspaper has reported about it. The tragedy has happened on Wednesday, on the third of October, on Anna Avstriyskaya Street near Sanchinarro in Madrid. The man has carried the child to kindergarten in the morning, but has forgotten about him and left the car on the parking. In the evening of the same day mother of the girl has come behind her to establishment, but the baby on the place hasn't appeared. Having spoken with the husband by phone, the woman has found out that the child remained in the car. The staff of ambulance who has arrived to the scene fought about an hour for the child's life, but all their attempts were vain. The police has begun investigation concerning the incident. Photo: Google images Share: car girl Madrid Spain kindergarten father