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The female resident of Belarus half a year receives money at work where she does nothing

The female resident of Slutsk half a year goes to work, receives money and does nothing because she has nothing to do. The female resident of the Belarusian Slutsk 51-year-old Larisa half a year comes to work and sits in an office, without doing anything, receiving for it 270 Belarusian rubles a month (about 8 600 Russian rubles). On December 19, 2017 the woman has held a post of the manager of rental center of city stadium. The director has told that work is in the winter, and in warm season he will give to the woman an opportunity to earn additionally in a ticket office, but it hasn't occurred. On weekdays she sits at an empty table seven hours, on Saturdays "work" takes away from the woman five hours. – In the winter I gave skates, skis, conducted cash desk, work was pleasant to me. But there has come the spring, visitors died. When the cash desk of stadium has opened, it has turned out that there the pensioner already works. And the director has told me: "Go and you sit in an office", – cites Larisa's words "Courier". For half a year the woman addressed to management by training, to sport and tourism of the Slutsk district executive committee, to management on work, employment and social protection, to the chairman of the board of deputies and to other instances. In April the 2018th to her employers have ordered to reduce Larisa if there is no work, but the woman hasn't seen the order on reduction. Photo: Google.Images to Share: Belarus money half a year work receives Slutsk stadium