Date: 2 months ago   Category: Society

The female resident of Novokuznetsk bought a fur coat from "mink" privately

The resident of Novokuznetsk favourably bought a fur coat from the unfamiliar man who went with goods on apartments. Soon the police had to interfere to cancel the transaction. In Novokuznetsk on apartments of a house the man of the Gipsy nationality went and suggested to buy from it a fur coat. the 60-year-old pensioner decided to buy as she thought, a fur coat from a mink for 39 thousand rubles. Favorable purchase soon turned back disappointment: the product was sewed from faux fur. To return the money, the pensioner had to contact police. The seller was found and interrogated. The man explained, as did not think to deceive the elderly woman. He considered that the customer understands that the fur coat such cost cannot be from natural fur. In exchange for goods the seller returned to the female resident of Novokuznetsk money, the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Kemerovo region reports. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: Novokuznetsk pensioner purchase police seller fur coat